We seek to engage people with plants in ways that fit seamlessly into our lives. Guided by the intelligence of nature, we create whole plant cannabis products that are simple and effective. A supportive, nurturing, and direct connection with the natural world and ourselves is the foundation of Motherflower.
We are certified organic and regenerative in process. This leads to healthy soil – capable of producing high quality, nutrient dense plants – while simultaneously rebuilding organic matter and restoring soil ecosystems. We are deeply committed to growing hemp and creating unique products to support the health and well-being of all people and our planet.
We began Motherflower our third year into growing cannabis.  From the start, I had my mother in mind, who is in her 10th year of advanced Alzheimer’s, and my father, her caretaker. It was immediately apparent that the process of growing our hemp – digging in the dirt, outside in the sun and fresh air, was itself therapeutic.
We are constantly exploring the potential of the hemp plant and how it can best benefit the varied needs of us all. With this in mind, we seek to create seasonal, thoughtful and effective products to help bring balance to all of our lives.
Get in touch with us: hello(at)motherflower.co